Pseudo-Deep Analogies Of Life

The glorious sun hanging over a beach.
(Anastasiya Vragova

Like how the Sun

Is always there

Radiating bravely, constantly; always

A source of optimism, strength and hope



Should aspire to do the same

Whether rain or hail

Dark clouds covering its glory


it remains.

(Mathias P.R. Reding

Does the moon steal the sun’s light or simply reflect its glory?

It is up to you to decide

When we share our light with others

Someone else

Will glow

One candle lights up many


Can do the same

A gorgeous beach; from a seagull’s view.
(Daniel Torobekov

They come,

They go,

They stay.

Like the waves that hit the shore,

Bringing a mix of newness and old,

That, too, is life.

Some precious to us disappear from childhood,

Some are lost forever,

But rest assured,

Someone else will come knocking on the door.

Waves against jagged rocks; with picturesque, Korean buildings above it.

Like the jagged rocks shaped over decades,

The events in our lives forge us anew.

The flow of life, like the gentle touch, or crashing, of waves.

We, as different, ever-changing rocks, subjects to life’s whims.

A dark cave with rocks of faces.

Dark, ominous cavern

Every ginger step taken is a bell to the monsters’ ears

But look closely

And you will find just rocks.

Too often, we fear what lies behind the door

Too often, we find that it is nothing more than our


Too often, by then, it is too late.

Boundless, endless sea

Calm, storm, and mystery

Unexplainable unpredictability.

One can voyage, and see the proportions as freedom

Or as a perpetual nightmare

What do you see when you gaze upon the indifference of this universe?


I use humour to deflect the truth,

And not trying hard enough equates to not failing.

These insecurities of mine are like flies in the woods,

This life of mine sits in people’s eyes.

My value comes from the mirror,

My words are others’ echoes.


A tiger does not apologise for snapping a deer’s neck.

Life barrels on us relentlessly.

We are owed nothing.

Yet, I still have the gall.

This broke,

That failed,

Rejected from something,

Acting like I came from nothing.


Harrison Haines (

Good things do not last.

They fade.

Even our memories do.

Like the ice that melts,

Like the animals crushed by our greed and ignorance,

Like this Earth we step on.

It shall come to pass.

So we seek more.

Our sights set above.

And so the cycle continues.

(Ike Louie Natividad

The sagging, the retching, the loss of senses, the fading of beauty, the slowness, the lines, the stretches, the end…


The serenity, the gratitude, the memories, the love, the laughter, the fulfilment, the next generation, the passing of the torch, the end.

The end comes.

But the road travelled,

Whether long or short,

Is magnificent, is selfish…

Is human.

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Pseudo-Deep Analogies Of Life

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